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Deadline ESA BIC Noordwijk

Application Deadline

ESA BIC Noordwijk has an open call for proposals, which means that applications can be submitted at any time. Selection of proposals take place 4 times per year.

NEXT DEADLINE 3 November 2014

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Investment Readiness Programme

The Investment Readiness Programme (IRP), on 10 October, in Rotterdam aims to better engage, select and prepare the Rotterdam companies for their contact with investors at the Cleantech Summit Rotterdam. The IRP is a fast track route for Rotterdam and surrounding region based companies to get access to the summit, on 20 & 21 November, uniting 56 selected cleantech companies and 70 VC's and corporates.


Satellite Masters Conference

on October 23 2014 - 09.00hr

On 23-24 October 2014 in the start-up hub of Berlin, the first Satellite Masters Conference will be organized. The Satellite Masters Conference is a unique marketplace for sharing innovations for space-based technologies and infrastructures and connecting with the world's leading network for downstream satellite business. The conference is geared toward all those looking to benefit from the emerging satellite applications market, from start-ups, SMEs and researchers to investors, institutional stakeholders, and industry.

Support Centre

Haseltine Lake

Rabobank Bollenstreek

Zirkzee Group

de Breed & Partners B.V.

National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR)


@meethubapp still arranging business meetings for @ESABICNoordwijk at #SatelliteMasters2014.

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Attending the @SatelliteConf in #Berlin and want to meet us, arrange a meeting via @meethubapp

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Lens R&D is a small systems engineering company which is currently developing sunsensors for concentrated solar and space applications. »

Fire suppression systems for ICT and electrical hardware based on Cool Gas Generator Technology developed by TNO Defence and Security for ESA.  »

The Netherlands Space Society (NVR) is the platform for established and upcoming space professionals and interested parties to network and connect with the latest technological developments. We offer you the chance to look behind the scenes of prominent Dutch space companies and organisations »

Active Space Technologies offers high added-value products and services in the fields of thermomechanical engineering (thermal and structural analysis, fluid dynamics, design, high precision manufacturing and testing), electronics engineering (embedded systems, digital control), as well as Management Support services for technology transfer and development projects (project management, systems engineering, project coordination). »

Time travel through Space Data.  »

hydrogen production from renewable sources »

E-Heli is gespecialiseerd in het ontwerpen en ontwikkelen van zero-emission aandrijvingen voor luchtvaartuigen met een rotor »

Depth and clarity to your network and telecom solutions. »

Avionics Control Systems BV is an unique full-service Automation Services and Products company, with exceptional knowledge and core competencies in a broad range of information technology and automation industry. »

weRide's technology opens private parking garages to the public with a smooth, keyless system; One-click of an app for hassle-free entry and exit. »

We are developing a low cost robust energy storage system using a resilient ESA control system.  »

The goal of the company JOHAN is to make tracking and analysis of players during a field sports accessible to a larger market. »

As an Dutch MKB top 100, Head Communications is specialized in beyond line of sight communications for unmanned aircraft as well as manned transportation means. »

Mapping Technology with Crowdsourcing and Serious Gaming. »

Elbibi: A fast, cool and comfortable business bike on which it will be possible to travel fast, (max 45 KM/U) without sweating, without a helmet and with a superior, programmable cycling experience. Elbibi intergrates (patented) state of the Art technologies and a cool design with lots of innovative features. »

GRAS: GNSS Receiver for Anti Spoofing This was the Dutch winning idea in the European Satellite Navigation Competition 2013. »

M2 Power - Lithium Expertise Specialised in lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and cells, battery management systems, electric vehicles and off-grid systems. »

A truly revolutionary 3D printer »

About SBIC

SBIC Noordwijk has a professional infrastructure and image for innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and established companies to help expand their business, together with a range of business support services and special programs.

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