Company name: BlackShore
Branche: Mapping Technology with Crowdsourcing and Serious Gaming
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Telephone +31 (0) 614 104 204

BlackShore, the GMES Master 2012 and European Space Imaging High-Res challenge winner, quickly and thoroughly analyses optical satellite data by using real participants as “sensors” by using their Cerberus platform.

Cerberus is a crowdsourcing platform where we involve people in the creation of maps. The supplied mapping tool provided to the crowd is a so called “serious game” where E-learning and motivation are essential aspects. On satellite photographs, participants can mark where they see for example cracks in ice, damaged power cables, areas of drought or even lost pyramids.

Cerberus is able to handle multiple sources of space-based remote sensing data and thus mapping in a variety of work areas. Participant output is translated into map layers to be used, after verification, by governments or interested parties.

Originally developed to help NASA map the surface of Mars, Cerberus is now being advanced to serve a variety of remote-sensing tasks involving Earth (e.g. situation assessment following natural disasters).

BlackShore's business model involves a Facebook gaming environment hoping on viral interest. Participants will be able to pay for upgrades and new tools. But in the event of a disaster like Hurricane Sandy, for example, the money people optionally pay in game through micro transactions to boost the play experience and then can be directed toward the disaster victims, so users contribute financially as well as with their input. Further down the line the generated maps will be real time supplied as a service and are sharable within any type of GIS application supported by our own WMS system.

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Video item about Cerberus by N2K, consisting some game play

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