Company name: NVR
Branche: Ruimtevaart
E-mail address: secretariaat@ruimtevaart-nvr.nl
Telephone -
Website: http://www.ruimtevaart-nvr.nl

The Netherlands Space Society (NVR) is the platform for established and upcoming space professionals and interested parties to network and connect with the latest technological developments. We offer you the chance to look behind the scenes of prominent Dutch space companies and organisations.

We boast a bustling network of more than 800 members, with a continuous exchange of information, communication and activity. For them we organise events such as film nights, symposia, lectures etc both independently and in collaboration with other organisations.

The Netherlands Space Society keeps its members up to date with the latest developments, announcements and events through our website (www.nvr-ruimtevaart.nl), Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. All members receive regular bulletins on upcoming activities by email. Become a member!


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