E-Heli BV

Company name: E-Heli BV
Branche: Mobiliteit & Transport
E-mail address: aniel.misier@gmail.com
Telephone 06-81185207
Website: http://www.e-heli.nl

E-Heli intends to be a leading company in the development and manufacturing of zero-emission rotorcrafts for the civil market.

By providing unique hybrid concepts with enhanced performance and use of the latest cutting-edge technology found in satellites today, E-Heli supports the business of their clients with zero-emission power plants and solutions adopted and specifically developed for low-noise rotorcrafts. 

With our products and services our clients are able to operate in specific low-noise demanding situations e.g. night surveillance in urban areas or medical assistance during the day.

Our business benefits the society in general by providing zero-emission and a lower noise levels enhancing the possibility for continuous mission operations. Both private (transport and leisure) and public (law-enforcement) organizations will benefit from our products and services with the possibility to conduct more flights.   

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