Earth Observation Track

Are you interested in taking your business idea to the next level? But you’re not quite sure where to start? Then the workshop series “Earth Observation & Satellite Images” might be right for you.

The workshop series contains three sessions which touch upon types of satellite images, using and processing data, and developing a business model based on EO. The workshops are organized by Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk and are taught by Hans van ‘t Woud and Koen Verberne, both experienced entrepreneurs in the field of EO and satellite imaging.

Each session lasts two hours and is taught in English.


Types of satellite images

Friday 27 October 15:30

Satellite images come in all shapes and sizes, such as optical, active radar, passive radar and thermic. During this session, you will learn how to differentiate between these various types, based on their defining characteristics. Which phenomena can be detected from space, and which things are harder to ‘see’?

Further attention will be paid to ESA’s Copernicus Program and several other EO missions. Another important aspect is financial: which satellite images are free to use and which images must be paid for?

Using and processing satellite data

Thursday 16 November 15:30

Now that the basic facts are known, it is time to start working with Earth Observation data. What should you take into account when using satellite images for a service? How do you access satellite data? And can satellite images be combined with other data sets? The instructors will focus on common tools and models that are used to distil useful information from satellite images.

Business Models using EO

Tuesday 21 November 15:30

During this session, the technology and the market meet. How can satellite images help generate innovative business models? And how can satellite data be incorporated into operational processes?

The participation fee for one workshop is 75 euros (ex VAT). If you attend all three workshops, the total fee is only 150 euros (ex VAT). Click here to sign up.


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