Space Apps Challenge

NSAC 2017 - Logo.pngThe annual International Space Apps Challenge is a weekend-long hackathon that invites programmers, designers, communicators, business gurus and other creative minds to tackle various earthly challenges using space data. The Challenge has been organized in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, four times in a row.

Winning solutions in 2017 included an app to help people visit the beach safely, a multi-platform application to tackle wildfires and a solutions to help prevent and survive landslides.


European Satellite Navigation Competition

The European Satellite Navigation Competition is an idea competition for students, researchers, entrepreneurs and everybody else who isn't afraid to think outside of the box.



Copernicus Masters

Where 'space' was once a field of 'looking up', today it is also very much a field of 'looking down'. Earth Observation has already proven to be invaluable in agriculture, emergency response, mobility, environmental protection - the list goes on and on.

The idea competition Copernicus Masters rewards the best ideas.


TechXfer Drink

on August 31 2017 - 17.00hr

The monthly TechXfer drink organized by Verhaert in order to create connections.

About SBIC

SBIC Noordwijk supports start ups which use space technologies by offering access to an international network, tools,knowledge and finance.


Space Business Innovation Centre Noordwijk

Kapteynstraat 1
2201 BB Noordwijk
T: +31 (0)71 - 20 20 307


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